Would it not be nice if you could see what is going on
at your company at any time and from anywhere?

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Why you won’t be able to do without
Smart Shopfloor

Ability to always see what is going on at your company

Smart Shopfloor consolidates your machine and business data in freely configurable dashboards: regardless of whether it’s the capacity, order status, inventory, or sales progress. And the best thing: You can access this information from anywhere – all you need is a web browser.

Better informed for more efficient production

Smart Shopfloor enables you to make the right decisions at an early stage. The more you use Smart Shopfloor, the more data you consolidate in your database, which provides you with a growing wealth of experience. Smart Shopfloor is equipped with a multilevel database structure that is optimized to secure large amounts of data and make these available extremely fast.

Your reports are always ready

Tedious compilation of daily reports is now a thing of the past: different users can easily consolidate the required production and business data in freely configurable dashboards and view these on any end device via a web browser.

Your data are as secure as your bank account

Smart Shopfloor leaves secures against unwarranted access to your data. Not even server hosts or their service providers can access your data, in compliance with ISO 27001. We use an end-to- end encryption that only allows access after personal authentication on the end device.

This is how it work

Matter of perspective: Everyone has their own dashboard

Different roles, different requirements: Guarantees everyone a clear overview, regardless of the department. For instance, you can configure dashboards with machine data for your production team, dashboards with order data and appointments for your sales team, and for your management, dashboards with key business figures.

The advantage: Allows every employee to work independently on that which applies to their respective tasks.

Everyone with their own content: Freely configurable widgets

Smart Shopfloor was designed to be a service tool that consolidates the desired information in dashboards, which can always be modified and/or reconfigured easily via drag & drop. Here, Smart Shopfloor offers you a wide range of widgets, including bar, line, and progress graphs – because only you know best what is important to you.

The advantage: Individualized and accurate display of all information.

Easy setup without programming

Use Smart Shopfloor as a modular system: You can easily set up your dashboard with just a few clicks. Without any programming skills! Simply select the widget and data source you want and then place these on your dashboard. You determine the size and arrangement, easily via drag & drop. You can also customize views for any screen size.

The advantage: Easy consolidation of all necessary information without programming.

Sometimes all you need is a quick overview

Conveniently view the most important parameters on an overview of your dashboards even before accessing them: Smart Shopfloor enables you to place the so-called mini-widgets in the list view.

The advantage: An overview of all key parameters in the preview.

Be sure you don’t miss anything

Smart Shopfloor makes sure you do not miss a thing! Let the system work for you. Configure Smart Shopfloor to notify you of all important events as soon as they happen. For instance, you can have the system notify you when a specific temperature value on a machine is exceeded, or when a possible default in expected deliveries is identified. This enables you to act quickly and avoid malfunctions, which in turn saves you time and money.

The advantage: You’ll no longer miss anything.

Why keep on reinventing the wheel?

We want to make it easy for you. We know that companies have a wide range of needs that are consistent across all industries; regardless of the products or services you offer, you will always face the problem that data are not collected or utilized adequately and optimally. Consolidating this valuable information is the goal of Smart Shopfloor. Instead of running expensive, custom software for individual companies, we have created a digitization standard that can be used by all companies. Self-configurable and individualized. For all industries across the world.

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