DESMA digitizes its machine with Smart Shopfloor

Medium-sized machine builder relies on digitization

A medium-sized mechanical engineering company is valued globally for its quality and reliability. The company has now resolved to optimize its customer support in efficient use of its machine and systems.

When it comes to machines in shoe production, DESMA, the name of the medium-sized mechanical engineering company, is an established standard. The company belongs to Salzgitter AG, is based in Achim near Bremen, and supplies efficient and economic production systems to shoe manufacturers across the world. Their machines are characterized by their high-quality and reliable and fast delivery. Ranging from automated pre-processing of semi-finished products to machines for direct sizing, DESMA machines and systems allow for a high level of automation in production processes.

In the so-called direct soling process where shoe soles made of polyurethane are sprayed directly onto the footwear, shoe manufactures who use machines and systems from DESMA have managed to reduce their production costs considerably. Customers around the world appreciate the incredible performance, reliability, and – particularly in the rough production environment – durability of the DESMA machines and systems.

Using efficient machines efficiently:
DESMA now also supports its customers in their operations

DESMA sees itself as a partner who helps his clients raise their efficiency. To be able to take full advantage of the performance of the reliable DESMA systems, DESMA has now digitized its machines with the Smart Shopfloor web solution. This is aimed at making it possible to always keep an eye on the current production situation.

Minimize machine downtimes: All you need is a web browser

DESMA customers can now view information about the current production situation at all times and from anywhere. This enables them to act an early stage before bottlenecks and stoppages occur.

Smart Shopfloor reads all information on the machines every five seconds, transmits this to a secure database, and provides all these machine data in freely configurable dashboards that are available online. Whether you are using a PC, a large monitor in the factory, a tablet, or your smartphones when on the road: All you need to view the data is a web browser. No matter when or where you are.

Minimizing machine downtimes means always seeing what the machines are doing

DESMA direct soling machines often run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smart Shopfloor not only enables DESMA customers to always keep an eye on the production progress, but also provides a constant overview of the current state of their machines. Eventual deviations are immediately visible in Smart Shopfloor. This helps reduce interruptions in machine operation by making it possible to solve problems at an early stage, often through a minor intervention.

Eliminate causes before they impact

The main causes for malfunctions in the production process are often not apparent at first sight. DESMA customers can now use Smart Shopfloor to immediately identify the frequency of such interruptions and what the causes are. This enables them to intervene at the right point and thus sustainably raise their efficiency.

When delivery delays become a thing of the past

Smart Shopfloor constantly allows DESMA customers an overview of the progress of their production orders. In addition to the current production situation, the expected delivery date is also visible online. This way, Smart Shopfloor also helps meet delivery dates and increases efficiency.

Just connect and get started

DESMA customers greatly appreciate the usability of Smart Shopfloor – simple and intuitive. Extensive introductions and trainings, which are often a prerequisite for such software systems, are not necessary with Smart Shopfloor. After all, all the customer wants is to be able to see what is happening with the DESMA machine at the press of a button.

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