When fire detectors don’t report a fire, biogas engines predict when oil changes are really needed again, flower beds monitor your soil moisture, and refrigerators write their own log, and … with you?

DAPONA: Your digital image of your reality.
Shows real-time data, triggers actions and reports when something needs to be done.
For your company. Individually configurable. According to your own rules.

“With DAPONA, we have finally found a way to reduce our fire risks without having to buy another system. And now we want to reduce our water consumption as well. Thanks to DAPONA’s data-driven approach, we can map that just as easily, even though it’s a completely different issue. Let’s see what else we can come up with in the future…”

Always see what’s happening, act in time:
Easily set up your own use cases

Daten erfassen

Sensors send 24/7 measurement data to the
IoT platform DAPONA.


To each his own view. Freely configurable web dashboards

Alarm, trigger

Freely configurable rules.